Super Lika World - The Run

Collect all the coins or food you can find, but only if you are a dog. This is the new adventure featuring Lika and Leka (in memory). Recommended for all dogs, in any age. Have fun and watch! This was an experimental video I produced with my dogs. I used some footage my brother and I recorded last year. The initial idea was to insert just one coin in the scene, but then, you know, I was walking thinking about the project and boom, another insight. I ended up working a few months, researching techniques and I finally got this result which I'm pretty happy with. I'm gonna produce some tutorials about this project, you can keep tuned here Sofwares: Cinema 4D (3D tracking and Modelling), After Effects (Animation and Compositing), Mocha (Rotoscoping and 2D tracking), Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere (Editing and Sound Design) This video is dedicated to Leka, rest in peace my little friend. Thanks for watching.

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